The idea for this journey was spawned out of anger, resentment, naiveté, and the chaos in my life at the time. I was reeling from all the parental pressure to get married and yet another failed relationship.

I had just returned from Asia. My family had sent me to China to negotiate with guides, drivers, and safe house owners to execute the rescue of my uncle’s family from North Korea. But because I was a woman and unmarried I felt constantly disrespected, disregarded, and treated like a woman-child by the men and by the society they had tailored for themselves.

I was told to be “a good girl.” “Don’t get in the way. Let the men handle everything.” My male guide called women a “big inconvenience.”

When I returned to America, I literally got down on my knees and swore that I would never ever marry an Asian man, or for that matter any man. I was simmering with bitterness and rage just thinking about how good men had it not because they had rightfully earned it, but simply because they were born with a body part that I was not. And, I was certain that I would make a better man than any of the guys that I’d ever dated.

So I did it. I became a man for six-and-half months.

Macho Like Me is about the journey. The documentary footage is up-close and awkward. The live stage performance that frames it is hilarious and humbling as the audience comes to understand what I learned on my journey: Men don’t have it better. They have it so much harder than I’d ever imagined.


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