Macho Like Me is the true account of Helie Lee’s remarkable six-month journey living life as man. Cutting off her hair, donning men’s clothes and moving out of her home to begin life anew as Harry, Helie sets out to prove a point: that men have it so much better than women. But as Helie soon finds out, her assumptions are quickly dashed – resulting in a new world-view that ends up surprising many – especially herself.

Motivated to embark on this journey by yet another relationship with a man gone wrong, Helie reveals her plan to become a man to her friends – none of whom believe she will go through with it. So Helie decides to enlist her friends Anna and Katie to document her experience as proof.
Beginning with a weight lifting regime to build up masculine bulk, then shaving her head to a near crew cut and getting a whole new male wardrobe, Helie is excited to begin this new gender role-playing experiment. But passing as a man is a lot harder than it looks. Despite her studious observation of men’s physical behaviors and mannerisms, Helie is initially unable to shake her own. Passing as a gay man at first, Helie’s journey takes her into the world of male bonding through the ritual of sports, a near disastrous encounter with some macho Latino men, and a moment of epiphany at the Playboy Mansion. Through it all, Helie begins to see that men have it much harder than she ever imagined.
When Helie takes an editing job for a retired architect, she finds a friend and mentor in David Hyun.  Their relationship gives Helie a deeper insight on the ways of men and a glimpse of what can happen to a man when he ages.  In the end, Helie’s experiences change her views on men, privilege, and relationships.  
Macho Like Me is a dynamic documentary that combines Helie's unique perspectives and experiences with interactive footage from her life as a man.


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